Health Care – Alternative Proposal

Senate Republicans plan to vote on a health care bill this week. It is not clear which bill—repeal and replace or just repeal. Sen. Bernie Sanders is offering his Third Party Payer alternative. Here is another viable option.

Let’s suppose you were to catch a dreaded disease, develop cancer, or have a debilitating injury. At that point, you would want the best medical care you could get. You may even feel as if you deserve the best medical care. The question is, however, if some one else is sick, suffering from cancer, or seriously injured, do they deserve the best medical care they can get too?

Now, what qualifications do you wish to place on others getting the best medical care possible? I submit that if you believe in the founding documents of this nation any answer other than ‘none’ is inconsistent with the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in which you profess to believe.

Indeed the freedom Americans so ardently hold to are seriously curtailed by medical issues: diseases, cancers, and injuries to name a few. Accordingly to have freedom one must be healthy. Toward that end, both health care providers and health care insurers should be nationalized and run to benefit all Americans.

Arguing that the USA cannot afford such an approach belies the evidence of our overall costs of medical care, the profits are taken by insurers, the statistics of the rest of the developed world and little things like infant mortality, deaths from opioids to name but a few. It is time for America to begin to embrace both equality and freedom for All.

The alternative is to condemn the vast majority of Americans to economic slavery to a set of for profit health care businesses.

T. Edward Westen


Democrats Need to Propose Specific Policies for Health Care and Everything Under the Sun.


Over the past year, Donald J. Trump’s drama queen behavior has sucked the political air out of this country. That means the focus is always on him. Those who did not vote for him spend a lot of energy decrying the madness that his Presidency represents. But in so doing the focus is still on Donald J. Trump. Decry him all you want. However, in not putting forward policy alternatives, you, Democrats in particular and those who voted against him yield all of the political attention in American on him and the Republicans, acting like a congress (Look it up, what is a group of Baboons called, inappropriately it is called a congress, thank goodness it is not a congregation, Wrong as this is, it should be the case they are called a congress). So, rather than focusing on Donald J. Trump’s failures, which his base has turned into wins, and the Republican fiasco of repealing and replacing a program that is working, despite the uncertainty created by Donald J. Trump and the Republicans in Congress, but needs some fine tuning or outright fixing, Democrats need to make noise about what they would do if they were in power—without referencing the failure of Donald J. Trump and the Republicans in Congress. While I will admit, I turn on the news to see what the chief idiot has done today (and his minions in two Republican Caucuses in Congress), I too need to supply policy that the American People can attribute to the Democrats and other reasonable People.

Stay tuned and make proposals in the meantime.

T. Edward Westen