A flaw in the plan or a flaw in Democracy?

This plan, https://wordpress.com/post/democratizemoney.wordpress.com/17 , to give every citizen in the United States of American $20,000/year in new money is a plan for a universal basic income as well as a way to democratize the creation of money by monetizing citizens. Everyone should receive equal amounts of new money. Rich and poor alike, middle class, you name it, but regardless of some needs or qualification test, every citizen should receive new money. If any identifiable section of Americans does not receive the payments it will create haves and have nots—a basis for conflict. Those excluded will be resentful.

But the plan put forward requires citizens to vote, do jury duty and any other kind of civic duty that is customary. Yes, that is a flaw in the plan, or it is a flaw in democratic governance. Democracy works poorly, but it works most poorly when the citizenry is uninformed and not participatory (low voter turnout for example). Most empirical studies of citizens show that significant numbers are uninformed abut politics and government if not ill informed. Democracies need citizens to vote, and communicate with office holders. If a universal basic income is put in place that does not given citizens an incentive to participate, evidence shows participation deteriorates, That can result in upheaval at some point (rioting in the streets for example). This is because those who govern are too far removed from the people’s wants and needs. They get reelected until the people take to the streets (or some equivalent of taking to the streets). Requiring people to vote to receive a universal basic income is an attempt to get some of the people to focus on issued at least during election campaigns. Perhaps this is a feeble attempt, but it is an attempt.

This author is proposing a flawed universal basic income to attempt to keep some citizen participation in government. For, unlike people’s economic wants, political wants are often of secondary wants, at best, compared to people’s economic and personal ones.


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