Where should I go? Who shoud I hire?

I think it is time to advertise, publicize and otherwise get folks to read my proposal to change the us versus them politics that exist in America by publicizing my book. So far I have tried to tell people what is in the book and get their attention. Last night I drafted the followind “blurb” which doe not quite tell them but teases them:

“You would think that if I told you there was a way to smooth out the business cycle, stop poverty in it’s tracks in America, and not spend a tax dollars to do that and more that people would be clamoring at my door for more I formation, for details. The way to do this will also stimulate more voters to vote. The way to do this will gradually eliminate the vast bulk of the welfare state. And , I repeat the way to do all will not cost the tax payers a single penny nor will it create inflation. But, no one is clamoring at my door for details. Perhaps I have chosen to tell the wrong people. Perhaps I have not found the right words to explain the way to smooth out the business cycle, stop poverty in America in its tracks, increase voter participation in elections, and begin dismantling the welfare state without spending a single penny or causing inflation. Indeed, these are only the tip of the iceberg of positive economic, political and social improvements which will result in the way to smooth out the economy, stop poverty in its tracks at no cost to taxpayers.

That way I have named Democratizing Money. If at all interested read my Kindle book by that title. Then you get a politician’s attention and demand to know where your annual tax free $20,000 is. T. Edward Westen is my name and Democratize Money Monetize Citizens is the Kindle book I authored with answers to some of your questions.” https://www.amazon.com/Democratize-Money-Monetize-Citizens-Proposal/dp/1549614487

I wrote this last night and then slept on it. I would still face the same obstical of getting people to read or at least know what the basic plan is. So, another approach is needed. I think I need to hire a publicist or ad agency or promoter to do the selling. At 99¢ per e-book, of which Kindle gets the lion’s share, I am not looking to get rich. No, I really think the idea has merit and to back that up, I need to invest some money in some agency who will promote the book/idea. So, where should I go, whom should I hire. HELP!


4 thoughts on “Where should I go? Who shoud I hire?

  1. I think your blurb needs to be shorter to deal with peoples attention span. Then break it down even further into bitesize chunks that you can push as Facebook posts. ‘Receive 20k a year’ ‘Stop Poverty’ ‘Use Your Vote’ ‘Serve Your Nation’
    That kind of thing, all leading back to your book.
    Just an idea 🙂

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